The Heroin Chronicles Reading

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      The Heroin Chronicles: Book

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      The Heroin Chronicles
      L Z Hansens latest published work ‘Going Down’ appears in The acclaimed drug series out on Akashic books- The Heroin Chronicles edited by Jerry Stahl- (available on Amazon Jan 1 2013 – Click Here to Order)

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        I’m working on my novel “Going Down in Gotham”

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        Hansen has been working on her chick Lit novel- “Going Down in Gotham” and involved in currating a show illuminating Banned Books in Colleges and schools, called Vicious Circus- Also in the works another monthly literati event incorporating film, music and raw words from choice writers,@ Manitobas on Ave B- (to be announced)

        She’s collaborating with film maker Glenora Blackshire on a film that’s shown while she reads, stobe like images confronting her past life living on the tough streets of the L.E.S, the sex industry, jail, and running her successful brothels.

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          Celebrating the 30th Anniversary of BANNED BOOKS WEEK!

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          The World Premiere of THE VICIOUS CIRCUS-
          A new monthly alternative performance series featuring a rotating group of literati guest readers-
          We give you our fabulously banned books readers this month:

          Shannon Conley,Robert Rosen,Kristin Davis,Lisa Anne,Puma Perl,Reverend Jen,Mary ‘Raff’ Raffaele
          FREE! Thursday Oct 4 8-10 pm
          Upstairs in the Infamous TREE HOUSE of 2A!

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            *ReW & WhO?* w/ Zoe Hanson & Rev Jen

            Posted by zoe under film on Wednesday Jun 6, 2012

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              Zoe Reading with Film of her Running by Genora Blackshire

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              Zoe Reading
              Zoe Reading
              Zoe Reading

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                A Teaser from New Novel: Going Down In Gotham

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                Life can be rolling along at a pleasant pace, everything falling into place as you planned when suddenly the walls come crashing in and things just spiral out of control. Now, one can argue that these occurrences are meant to be, and that without them life would be controlled and dull. But I always liked controlled. I didn’t like surprises, even good ones. I needed to know what was going to happen three days from today, or next week. I kept a journal and documented and planned my life, and always had.

                As a child I’d day dreamed about my future husband, how many children I’d have, even their names, that constantly changed, but id even kept records of that. My prince charming was going to be my life. Each boyfriend was the one. I’d put his image into the slot of my perfect life. He’d be the man of my dreams, and father of our four children, who’d all be born two years apart, two girls two boys.

                Then I’d met Del. And my life changed, I changed. It was an instant attraction. I was new to the whole music scene, and Del was a lead singer of an up and coming band. I was thrust into the whirlwind life of the band/wives club. The women who live behind the star.

                *  *  *



                                                         CHAPTER ONE



                It began, and ended on a September afternoon.


                I’d begun unpacking our three suitcases into a single dresser I’d bought at some junk store on Avenue A, I’d even helped lug it up our four flights of stairs.  I now finally had a place to put some of our clothing into.  I wanted to set up our new home and have everything in order before my husband came back from his East Coast tour.

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                  Interview With The Local East Village:‏

                  Posted by zoe under writing on Wednesday Mar 21, 2012

                  Read Article: Making It | Zoe Hansen of Manitoba’s…

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                    Zoe Interviews with

                    Posted by zoe under writing on Friday Jan 27, 2012

                    Read Article: Zoe Hansen on HO HO HOs

                    Read Article: FACEBOYZ FOLLIES AT BOWERY POETRY CLUB…

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                      Life with Lucky, Soon to be Published. A Real Life Story.

                      Posted by zoe under writing on Wednesday Jan 11, 2012

                      Life with Lucky
                      L.Z. Hansen

                      “Zoe… Zoe…”
                      I hear a scared muffled whisper from the other side of the door to our apartment. I was counting change at the kitchen table and had stacks of dimes, quarters, nickels and pennies in neat rows. The sound of Tommy’s voice made me jump, spilling the coins over.
                      “Who is it?” I playfully teased.
                      “It’s me!” he said.
                      ‘Me,’ was my boyfriend, and partner in crime, Tommy. We’d been together six months, but it seemed like forever.
                      Tommy was a cool looking rock dude with straight straggly black hair, pale never seen sunlight skin, and the skinniest legs imaginable. We borrowed each other’s clothing, read the same books, listened to the same music, ate the same food; we even looked alike. We shared everything, in our perfect little Lower East Side haven.
                      I opened the front door as Tommy raced past me, over to our single window that looked over Orchard Street, where he quickly pulled the blind down.
                      “Baby what’s wrong? I asked, concerned. Tommy looked scared. His ghostly pallor was shinny from perspiration, his usually pinned eyes big as saucers.
                      He lit a Newport cigarette and sat down on the edge of the couch catching his breath, and looked up at me. Read More

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                          L.Z Hansen has a new published story

                          Posted by zoe under writing on Tuesday Sep 27, 2011

                          Which appears in The Unbearables Big Book of Sex published by Autonomedia-

                          “I was honored to be among so many literary outlaws. It’s a rare collection of artists who haven’t sold out and do what they do well, go buy The Big Book of Sex.”



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                            *ReW & WhO?* Bk eDiTioN w/ MaRy RaFFaeLe & Zoe HaNSeN

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                              Going Down in Gotham – new chapters

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                              GOING DOWN IN GOTHAM

                              CHAPTER ONE

                              Alone in Gotham




                              On the wall across from where I was standing was a picture that caught my eye. I was drawn to the ancient old barn and a small duck next to a couple bails of hay, the sky was a stormy blue, and a dark winding road veered off to the right. There was something about the road that intrigued me. It appeared to be an entrance way into a darkened tunnel, a gateway into mysterious and secret world hidden from most.

                              My mind drifted to images of my mother reading me “The Secret Garden.” A story about a child who discovered a forgotten magical place that would come alive when visited. The tangled vines and over grown flower beds knotted in weeds seemed so inviting to me. I recalled wishing I could jump into that book and live there. I felt safety, solitude and beauty in that story, and this mysterious painting made me feel the same.

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                                Ho, Ho, Hos: Sex at the Holiday Party

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                                  Zoe interviewed for Daily Beast article

                                  Posted by admin under interview, writing on Monday May 10, 2010

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                                    Busted in the Brothel (Chapter 5)

                                    Posted by admin under my american dream, writing on Thursday Apr 29, 2010

                                    Four of us filed into the small dimly lit living room to line up and introduce ourselves to a new client. Dani wore a skimpy black lace teddy that barely contained her latest purchase: huge fake tits. Standing next to her was Desiree, skin black as night, long blond hair cascading down her back in waves of weaves. Jennifer, in a waist cinching corset, had short red pixie styled hair and freckled skin. Then there was me. I had real breasts, no fake orange tan, and shiny jet black hair that went down to my ass.

                                    It was almost one a.m. I’d seen five clients and was satisfied with my earnings. My eyes lazily focused on a shaggy haired client sitting slouched in our ‘hot-seat.’ Adrenaline surged through my body. I looked to my left. Dani raised her painted eyebrow in a ‘he’s mine’ look. On my right Desiree jabbed me in the ribs. I whispered “shush.” We all stood there thinking the same thing: “Damn, this man is hot!” We sometimes made remarks about a handsome man, but not often. I liked the way his jeans were tight around thick muscular thighs. Under a mop of golden brown hair he had dark eyes, a prominent nose and a chiseled jaw. He made me nervous.

                                    Dani was first. She pushed her surgeon bought breasts out and used a very Marilyn Monroe-esque voice I’d never heard before.

                                    “Oh… Sorry, me first? OOP’.… Ok then, (giggle giggle) Helloo I’m Daniella.” She smiled a very none Dani coquettish smile. I rolled my eyes. He nodded his head at Dani and grinned. The client was sitting forward with his arm sticking up and bent at the elbow, fist on thigh. Very masculine pose. I could feel the women all exhale together. He was clearly comfortable. Not at all nervous, unlike most the men who sat in that chair.

                                    ‘Please God not me I dont want him. It’s too embarrassing to fuck a guy I might see out in my neighborhood, someone I know I’d date. Please God let someone else make the money, don’t let him pick me.’

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                                      Penthouse Forum story based on Zoe

                                      Posted by admin under interview, writing on Wednesday Feb 24, 2010

                                      A Penthouse Forum cover story that was based on an interview with Zoe. Her name was changed to Dyana for legal reasons because she was still in the sex industry when she granted the interview.

                                      The Lady is a Pimp

                                      What’s a nice girl like Dyana doing as the head of a New York City brothel? Exactly what she wants to

                                      Dyana puts out another cigarette She’s several smokes into our interview and well past her initial apologies for the habit.
                                      Despite the general clatter and confined racket of people eating dinner in the West Village restaurant in which we sit, she manages to speak intimately.
                                      “A lot of guys really get into going down on prostitutes, They think, I can make you come like no other guy I know you’re only in this for the money‚ – I’m not naive like the others‚ – but I can break through that shell and make you come too,’” she says with only a hint of pity in her English accent “Making a hooker come is second in male fantasies only to making a lesbian convert”.
                                      As proprietress of a Manhattan brothel called Sterling Ladies, Dyana has become quite adept at sniffing out‚ – and catering to‚ - men’s sexual fantasies She says the most unusual clients she’s encountered thus far was a group of five businessmen who were married, it seemed, and shared four Sterling Ladies girls at once, fucking them all in front of each other.
                                      “Anything you can imagine can be discussed. Anal and tit-fucking are standard. A blowjob without a condom can happen. It’s nothing we en courage but you can control only so much,” she states coolly, adding that all fantasy fulfillment at Bewitchment has one thing in common: $190 for a half hour, $240 for an hour and $400 for a “two-girl special.” Got bigger kinks? Bring bigger tips.
                                      Strangely, having Dyana smash a few of my fantasies makes me feel more intimate with her. I wasn’t being manipulated. The more real she is, the more aroused I become. Chalk part of that up to her undeniable sex appeal. Dyana has exotic features: long blond/brown hair, full lips and dark eyes that reveal her mother’s Mexican heritage. When she rises from our table she exposes a hint of midriff be tween her studded black leather belt, leather pants and crisp white shirt. The restaurant’s delicious scents frustrate my attempts to catch her perfume.
                                      At thirty-four years old, Dyana is younger than I’d imagined for a New York madam, a role that suits her better than some she’s had previously. She’s too poised and pleasant to have stayed the junkie street hooker she was in her rebellious teens, which she says involved hustling Arabs more than putting out. Hard drugs and depression stayed with her through at tempts to detox until she was twenty-nine and into her failed marriage. “Anyone sticking needles in their arm has emotional problems,” she notes. When she began her new life after having kicked coke and heroin, she took the name Dyana, the Roman goddess of birth.
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